Unlimited Calling to India 40$ / month from USA or Canada

Unlimited India Calling UnlimitedIndiaCalling.com allows you to call to numbers in India which can be a mobile line or Land line and pay just $ 59.95 $ 39.95 per month. $39.95 per month gives you a flat rate bill no more hassle no more per minute charge calling from one number or line. You don’t need any internet or any special equipment call from your existing phone in USA or Canada. 2 Lines Unlimited calling to is $69.95. No rate change for 12 months. There is a one time signup and initiation fee of $20

The service is very easy to use . It works from your existing home or cell phone line.  In just 2 steps you will connect to India .

  • Dial the local number they give you first.
  • Then Dial the number in India 

Unlimited India Calling Toll free number 1-800-465-5015

View Signup Plan http://unlimitedindiacalling.com/plan_details.php?id_plan=4

Caution : There were similar services like this in the past like Yuppy, Mpingi which has offers like this in the start to attract customers, and later they will say, because of FCC regulations they are going to remove the unlimited offer.

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2 Responses to “Unlimited Calling to India 40$ / month from USA or Canada”

  1. Very good offer. I normally spend ~2 hours daily on india call. I am using Unlimited india calling service form last few days.. so far it is good. Call quality is same as reliance / stanacard. Only problem is call got disconnected after every 30 mins, and it doesn’t have speed dial.

    It is a cool deal if you talk a lot and you dont mind redialing numbers after every 30 mins or so..

  2. This is cool service just like they said no internet needed . I use it form my Apple Iphone and it works fine calls connected in less than 3 sec. I was expecting busy due to unlimited many callers may be using it but I never had any problem connecting it . Recently they Launched service in Europe and I found out my account works from europe also when I travel there . This is like iceing on the cake. Thanks to this new service by Unlimited India Calling, and the 30 min disconnection that did not bother me as one time it did that to me and I can call right back and carry on I guess it is good so no one will misuse . Cheers!!

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