Reliance iCall – PC to Phone service ; Get Free Calls Now

Reliance iCall Logo Reliance Global Call ( Reliance India Call ) has started a new service Reliance iCall which is primarily a PC to Phone, PC calling service. would also offer high quality and fair pricing like the Reliance India call Service.  This is specially useful for people who don’t want to waste their cell phone minutes; cheap calls from India to USA, UK; temporary works abroad who don’t have cell phones.

Reliance iCall is offering Free calls to many destinations till 15th Jan. You can make free calls to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, France, Singapore, Germany , Sweden, African countries and many more. I don’t think Reliance iCall Ratesthis offer will work to call India. I tried Reliance iCall service and it has very good voice quality with support for Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Caller I.D and Call Blocking etc.

After the promotion period, i.e after Jan 15th, Calls to India are 4.49 cents to landline and mobile. Checkout other Reliance iCall calling rates here.

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3 Responses to “Reliance iCall – PC to Phone service ; Get Free Calls Now”

  1. Hey guys,check out Reliance iCall ,the latest VoIP service from Reliance Globalcom. You have to register on their website I did that and then started calling friends living as far apart as US and Africa. To my surprise, the voice quality was amazing and we guys had a virtual blast. I heard that this service is available free upto the 15th of Jan so all you guys better start hooking up fast with long lost friends!

  2. I wish Pc from US to phone in India works. Do you know of any plan?

  3. Hey guys Reliance has come out with a great offer this time. They are giving back 50% talktime for using their service. Hurry up the offer ends on the 6th April, 2009. Sign up on their website

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