– Cheap Calling at 1.9¢ to India, Pakistan, Middle East, Sri Lanka, promo coupon code

We had a review about – Cheapest Calls to India (1.9 cents/min) in past, ReilableCom Logo Reliablecom is another cheap VoIP provider which offers calling at 1.9 cents / min to India on every Monday and Thursday. Rest of the days, there calling rate is 2.9 cents/ min to India, 5.9 cents to Pakistan, 7.9cents to Middle East and cheap rates to Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Nepal, Philippines, etc.

Reliablecom also offers premium call quality services with higher rates. The premiumReliableCom Offer call rates to India is at 3.3 cents / min and the voice quality is very good compared with the cheap 1.9 cents promotion offer. They have 3-4 minutes call rounding which means if you talk for only one minute then you will pay for three minutes and have to pay 20% service fee per call. 1.9 cents and 3.3 cents products are only recommended if you compromise for call quality.

There is another premium service at 5.9 cents / min to India, 9.9 cents to Pakistan which has 1 minute rounding and no connection fees with very high call quality.

ReliableCom offers customer care service only via web chat from the website. There is no phone customer number. Try to use these promotional coupon code for 25% discount – ‘kkdak’ or ‘des34’. These coupons worked only for few people, try our luck. Visit ReliableCom website and signup.

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