Jumblo.com Review – Cheap and Free International Calls

Jumblo logo Jumblo is new VOIP Service from Dellmont Sarl, with Betamax back bone. Jumblo is offering free international calls to over 80 destinations and very cheap international calls to other destinations. Unlike other VoIP providers, calls to India Mobile are actually cheaper than calls to Landline. Jumblo provides the cheapest rate for India Mobile number. They accept payments via debit/credit cards.

Below are the rates for India Mobile at 0.011 cents / min and Landline 0.015. Check the rates for all other countries here. Jumbllo India rates

Jumblo Superdeals provides you free calling to over 80 destinations for 90 days with purchase of small credit. After 90 days are over, you can use your credit for calling destinations with normal charges. Jumblo also provides free trial calling from it’s website to international destinations only. Jumblo, in addition to providing normal SIP service features also offers below additional features

  • Phone-to-Phone – Login to your online account and enter yours and destination mobile or landline number and Jumblo connects both the calls.
    PC-to-Phone – Download the Jumblo Client and calls any landline or mobile from the convenience of a PC.
  • PC-to-PC – After installing Jumblo client, you can talk to your friends for free anywhere in the world.
  • Local-Access-Numbers: Make good use of your freedays and credits and make cheap regular and mobile phone calls via our access number.
  • Nokia Phone LowCallerLowCaller will keep you connected on the go. Download and install the LowCaller application on your Nokia (and most other Symbian devices) and start saving on your call charges.
  • SMS – send very cheap SMS across the world to anyone

Download to PC : Go to http://jumblo.com/en/download.html and Click ‘Download For Free’ to get the installer for PC running Windows Vista, XP, 2000. They don’t have dialer for UNIX, MAC and can use the web interface.

Jumblo SIP Settings for Nokia Phones or SIP Adaptors
SIP port : 5060
Registrar : sip.jumblo.com
Proxy server : sip.jumblo.com
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your Jumblo username
Password : your Jumblo password
Display name/number : your Jumblo username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) : stun.jumblo.com

For Jumblo Customer Service, login to site and go here.

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