– Lowest calls to India at 1.9¢/min ; cheapest rate ever

We have talked about Mediaring Talk, IndiaLD, ReliableCom which were offering cheap calls to India at 1.9 cents partially. TeleCents Communications, a leading carrier in the logo VoIP market since 1995 in US have started a new service India Minutes which offers lowest calling to India at wholesale rates of 1.9 cents/min to Mobile phones and 2.4 approx to landlines with no fees at all. This is too good to be true, so will have to wait and see how long it’ll last and how legitimate. It is advisable to use a virtual one time credit card from PayPal, Citi bank. The lowest denomination to recharge is 20$ which will gives 1030 minutes of calling to India.

Review of IndiaMinutes features.

  • No fees of any kind like Connection, monthly, maintenance Fees or minimum Usage.
  • Offers PINless dialing, Speed dial, auto recharge, view call records and purchases.
  • Customer Service Department telephone number is at 1-866-999-7733
  • Use there interactive webpage to find out exact calling rate to specific number

Signup Process to get started

  • Just go to Signup page and select recharge amount, password, ping, credit card information and include a registered phone number to get pin less dialing.
  • From the Faq#6, first time buyers should talk to customer care to get the service activated to avoid any fraud.
  • Dial the toll free or local access number provided on your receipt. A voice prompt will read you your available balance and prompt you to enter the number you wish to reach.

Domain Registrant Information for

Below is the contact information on file used for registering Might come in handy and provides proof that its from TeleCents.

IndiaMinutes whois contact

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