– Call India@1.9cents/min using 1000min for $19.99/month

IndiaLD is a new player in VOIP market. offers high volume callers wholesale costs to call India. Long distance calls to India, can be made at just 1.9 cents/min.

IndiaLD offers monthly packages 19.99$,38$, 57$ with 1000, 2000, 3000 monthly minutes respectively making effective rate to India just 1.9cents/min. Go to IndiaLD


  • Each month your plan will automatically renew, and get a fresh set of minutes.
  • If you go over your minutes, can continue to make calls at 3.9 cent per minute.
  • Service includes calls to all destinations in India (both land and mobile).
  • No hidden fees, no connection fees.
  • Instant Activation
  • Pinless Dialing
  • Call From Multiple Phones
  • 1 Minute Rounding

India LD offers Phone to Phone service with access numbers in USA . If you don’t like the service you can get your money back.It has 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. This 30 day money back guarantee is for first time customers only. The money back guarantee only applies if you have not exceeded 50 minutes of calls. Refunds can be requested by contacting their customer service department. India LD Access Number : (530) 645-5555

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28 Responses to “ – Call India@1.9cents/min using 1000min for $19.99/month”

  1. i requested for caling card

  2. Hi
    I need review about this card.

  3. Can I call India (landline) from the US using Skype, $1.9 cents/min???
    Please let me know so that i can pick a good/cheap plan to call india.

  4. yes you can use it from skype.iam using it from skype only.its too good.

  5. need review about this card

  6. MaximusAltimus Says:

    I have been using IndiaLD from this month and it is pretty good at 2c/min (1000 min plan costs $20). Way cheaper than freecallplanet (3.5c/min) or relianceindiacall (6c/min)

  7. I am glad to learn skype will work. so i just sign up for skype and call india……i do not want to buy/own a skype phone number though. will LDindia still work without a skype phone number?

  8. Does LDindia charges a service fee? i have signed up for 1000 mins for $19.99……i hope there is no additional fees. is there?

  9. how to place calls in indiald? what extension do i use?

  10. Hi can any one help me in how to use the LDIndia because. When i dial the access number 530645555 it directly says to please enter the number you wish to reach. But when i enter the india number 011914065305260 it says that i am sorry its not a valid number. I stay in South america. Please help me out i am stucked in this by paying $20. Please help me out.


  11. I am using this for last couple of weeks. It’s cheap. Connection is good. Call quality is good. It’s reliable so far. Once in a while it does not connect properly. But, I had similar problems on reliance as well. So, overall I believe this is excellent for the price one pays.

  12. Can you please provide me customer care number or email ID for Indiald.

  13. sham……….please register and get a acct no and a password first. they even have speed dial.

  14. when i register in the middle of the month (say jan 25), is it possible to use the 1000 mins until the same day (feb 25) of next month or it will expire by the end of the month (jan 31)?

  15. Indiald is the worst website. Don’t register on this website..Even i wasted my $19.95 on this calling card. the customer support never respond to any complaint.Whenever you are gng to dial the access no, it will always ask for account no on every call & then if you dial indian no then it will say its an invalid no..I request everyone not to register on this website. Worst calling card ever used..

  16. Does anybody know, how to keep track of minutes used?

    IndiaLD does not have a phone customer service. Is there a way to check minutes used online???

  17. The access no is always busy on weekends …i am not satisfied with this. I feel other subscribers are good. I have tried stana card, reliance.

  18. I am having a bad experience with this. Whenever i tried calling their access number, its busy. When I get connected, its says the destination number is invalid. Now I asked for the money back (only option is through mail, as they don’t have telephone customer care), they haven’t responded in 7 days (still waiting)!! They will charge you automatically next month and there is no roll over minutes. And in addition to that, there is no option in the site to cancel your service…Isn’t it excellent!!

  19. Hi,
    I have purchased a $19.99 plan from on 2/5/2009.
    They have charged from my account twice on the same ay itself.
    As per the terms and conditions they can only charge on the month end but they have charged on the same day itself.

    When I asked for the refund there is no response.
    The worst part is that there is no telephone support.
    Did a big mistake buying the same.

  20. Hi
    I have purchased the monthly plan from for 1 month i.e. $19.99 plan on 2/5/2009
    They have charged my account twice and when I am asking for refund there is no response and no reply.
    I wish to cancel the services asap.
    They have mentioned in the terms and conditions that only at the time of month end or so they are going to charge the account but then y they have charged the account.

  21. Does anyone has any contact information for India LD .com where they can be reached at.

  22. India LD
    318 N. Carson Street #208
    Carson City NV 89701-0000
    Phone: (916) 844-3356

  23. They didn’t recharge my account after one month as they told. I asked them to cancel my account and they are not responding now. Does anyone know to get an account cancelled with Please post a reply.

  24. Hi,

    I registered on on 25th Jan and now I got a mail saying that I will be charged monthly service fee on 25th Feb.
    Am I going to loose the minutes remaining there?

    How to get rid of IndiaLD?

    Please suggest.

  25. Muskan Kukreja Says:

    i am using India ld serive. As soon as you register you get the account number and the password. You can log in to your account and check for minutes.

    I am fed up of filling the contact form. I want to upgrade my plan to 1000 to 2000 minutes. i have request them by filling the form 5 times. No body replies. If you call to the contact us number they say email to But no body replies from there too. i am stuck. In the same way i expect, if i fill up the form for cancelling the form, they wont reply to that either. They have my credit card number so they can charge me monthly. Do any one can help . I think this is fake service.

  26. I have been using for the last one month (so far the quality was very good) and there was a dispute with the duration of my call recently. I sent an email to the customer service and still waiting for a reply. When I checked my credit card statement, the amount was charged by I just spoke to the customer service at 310- 997-0662 and my problem was solved.

  27. hi avani

    they charge upfront before using the minutes.
    i beleive they would have charged for the month of feb when u signed up on feb 2nd and they would have charged the second time for the month of march.
    if you have not been charged in this pattern, email them as it is the only way u can contact them.

  28. I got my account canceled. Drop a mail at
    They will respond.

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