How to add Reliane India Call Access Number to T-Mobile myFaves Five

T-Mobile myFaves T-Mobile ( USA ) offers a optional feature, myFaves Five, which gives you unlimited calling to your 5 favorite people phone number ( mobile or landline). But does not allow 1-800 1-866 etc numbers to be added to Fav Fives.

Method:1: Add a local access number.

For T-Mobile users who try to use Reliance India Call ( 1-866-373-5426 ) during day time would be charged the normal day time minutes. This Access number can’t be added to myFaves Five. There is a way to get around with this, add this local NYC number for Reliance India Call line:  347 537 6005 to your myFaves and enjoy calling without loosing any T Mobile Nationwide Anytime Minutes.

Method:2:Use GrandCentral number with T-Mobile myFave to call any number.

  • Add Grand Central number into T-Mobile my faves.
  • Log into GrandCentral Address Book.
  • Add a new contact. Put either the local number or ( 1-866-373-5426 ) as the contact phone number. Then put Reliance India as the name.
  • Initiate a call to Reliance India from your Address Book. This should ring your home or mobile phone (provided you have them set up in Settings). When you answer the phone, you will be connected to Reliance India. Proceed as usual.
  • For this method, you need to access to computer before making the call.
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