GizmoCall – a Browser based Web Phone; no download no hack

GizmoCall Logo GizmoCall lets you call any phone anywhere in the world from just a Internet browser. Users don’t need to download or install any thing. Just the normal Adobe Flash client should be enough. Users simply go to the Web site, sign up for a username and password, and start making calls. GizmoCall phones are also embeddable and can find one below.

For free, you can call any other GizmoCall, Gizmo5 users, 800 numbers, or SIP address for no charge and also receive calls as long as GizmoCall is open in any window or browser tab. Register GizmoCall and can also accept inbound calls to the login user name, so long as the app is running in a window or browser tab (foreground or background).To call a traditional phone number and take advantage of some of the low rates on the net you will need to buy $10 of call-out credit here.

Visit the GizmoCall Firefox Add-ons page here, or install our Firefox Plugin right now which will automatically make any phone number on a web page clickable and place a call via GizmoCall.

But what is cool about GizmoCall is that it also allows users to make free calls to toll-free numbers and Session Initiation Protocol addresses ( SIP ). The service works on all browsers running on Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems.

tip: Using a headset will remove the echo. If you don’t have a headset turning down the volume will reduce the echo.

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