dukaDial.com – Free Phone to Phone Calls in USA

dukaDIAL Logo dukaDIAL is a simple, user-friendly application allowing Internet users to make FREEE phone calls in North America using the Internet and your regular phone. dukaDIAL connects two regular North American telephone numbers, no matter if they are mobile or landline numbers. This is especially useful when your landline does not have long distance calling, just go to website and enter your number and other number and you would get a call to your number which will be connected to anywhere in USA.  Your caller doesn’t have to be connected to the Internet to receive the call-she just has to pick up the phone when it rings. Try the servicedukaDial phone to phone calls

dukaDIAL is not a voip application, it is a FREE phone to phone call routed through the regular global public switched telephone network (PSTN). dukaDIAL’s technology sits on top of a rock-solid telecommunications switching and billing platform developed and maintained by our parent company, NetworkIP.

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