C2Call.com – Make Phone Calls from Web Browser , no software download

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C2Call logo C2Call ( Web Browser Phone ) lets you make web-based phone calls straight from your browser. It works like web-based email without any software installation. It’s a Java-based temporary browser applet that is loaded onto your browser when you log-in to www.C2Call.com or click on a call-invite link. Since C2Call does not require any installation, you can use it wherever you have access to the Internet. It uses SIP and proprietary technology to connect the calls.

You can use the C2Call invite function to send a call invite email to anybody you want to talk to. They just click to call you. C2Call to C2Call connections are always free. Optional you can add credit to your account and call landlines and mobile phones all over the world with the low international rates. Below are rates for calling India 6 cents approx. They do not charge additional "connection fees" or "call set-up fees". Calls are charged per minute and rounded up to next minute.

C2Call International rates

C2Call works with browsers such as Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox or Safari on Windows Vista/XP, MAC OS-X or Linux. C2Call uses the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 or higher. The PC must have an Internet connection and mic/speaker or a headset.
C2Call needs to access your Microphone/Speaker/headset. Please select “trust” or “always trust” for the Java Applet.

Nymgo.com – Cheapest International calls, India from USA, Middle East; Download, rates

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Nymgo Logo Nymgo is offers very cheap calling deals on to make unlimited (approx 2000min/month) phone calls to Asian countries and Australia. Nymgo is a UK based VOIP Service from Splendor Telecom Limited. From all the reviews of people tested, we hear it has an excellent call quality.  Nymgo offers their services via Nymgo soft phone. Below are the Nymgo SIP Settings. Try service. || Download Nymgo Software Installer

Nymgo Calling Plans:

  • Asia and Australia: $19.99 per month, Can talk up to 1750 minutes per month
  • Europe and North America USA: $14.99 per month, Can talk up to 10,000 minutes per month.
  • Middle East: $19.99 per month, Can talk up to 300 minutes per month.
  • Pay As You Go Service

With the first plan, Asia and Austria you can call landlines in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. You can also call mobiles in China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Thailand. Bangladesh 1000 minutes, Pakistan 500 min, and Sri Lanka 600 packages are for $24.99 each. For 20$, you can call upto 1750 minutes per month, that is like 1.2 cents/min to countries like India. Please note they do not allow calls to entire India only a few STD codes are allowed. Please check details here.

With the Middle Easy plan you can call landlines in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Turkey. You can also call mobiles in Bahrain, Egypt and Sudan.

Under Pay as you go package, the India calling rate is approx 2.5-3 cents per minute. Check the rest here

Nymgo SIP configuration Settings for SIP phone, Linksys PAP2 adaptor, Fring

SIP Server Or SIP Proxy Server: ata.nymgo.com
SIP User ID: nymgo username
Authenticate ID: nymgo username
SIP password: nymgo password
SIP Port: 5060
Codec Used: g729
STUN Server: stun.nymgo.com
STUN port: 80

Nymgo SIP configuration for Nokia E51

Public username : sip:myusername@nymgo.com
Service profile : IETF
Use compression : No
Registration : When needed
Use security : No
Proxy address :sip:ata.nymgo.com
Realm : ata.nymgo.com
Username: username (without @ata.nymgo.com)
Password: password
Allow Loose routing :Yes
Transport : UDP
Port : 5060
Registrar address : sip:ata.nymgo.com
Realm : ata.nymgo.com
Username: username (without @ata.nymgo.com)
Password: password
Transport : UDP
Port : 5060

Download Voipax Software and enjoy Free calls worldwide

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Voipax Logo VOIPax if offering free calls to 40 countries and about 20 minutes of trial calls immediately when you register with them. It could be a part of Betamax Group. Make Cheap or even Free VOIP Calls with Voipax. Just Download the Free VOIP Software for cheap worldwide Internet Phone Calls and SMS.

Download Voipax and get 20 free minutes to call any destination marked as FREE at no cost. Then login to buy credit and enjoy 300 minutes of free calls per week to call any destination marked as FREE during a period of 120 Freedays.  VOIPax does allow have sip settings to be configured.

Voipax is offering free calls to following countries:

Andorra landline
Australia landline
Austria landline
Belgium landline
Chile landline
Cyprus landline
Czech Republic landline
Denmark landline
Estonia landline
Finland landline
France landline
Germany landline
Gibraltar landline
Guam landline
Hong Kong
Iceland landline
Ireland landline
Israel landline
Italy landline

Japan landline
Korea South landline
Liechtenstein landline
Luxembourg landline
Malaysia landline
Monaco landline
Netherlands landline
New Zealand landline
Norway landline
Panama landline
Portugal landline
Puerto Rico
Singapore landline
Spain landline
Switzerland landline
Taiwan landline
United Kingdom landline
United States
Vatican City landline
Virgin Islands US landline

Voipax Instant

If you don’t want to use a headset to make Cheap VOIP Calls, you can use your own phone to make Internet Phone Calls. You don’t have to download anything, just use your web browser to initiate a VOIP Call. Create a free Voipax account and start making cheap or even free VOIP Calls to any fixed line or mobile number worldwide. Just enter your phone number and the number you wish to dial on our website and we’ll connect you through our VOIP network.