– Very Cheap Calls Anywhere; .7 cents to India

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Smart VOIP is another new service, with Betamax back bone, that is offering cheapestSmartVoip Logo and free calls to many International locations. Checkout the free destination list. SmartVoip rates to Indian landline and mobiles is the cheapest at 0.7 cents ($0.007) per minute. SmartVoip, in addition to providing normal SIP service features also offers below additional features

  • Phone-to-phone – Login to your online account and enter yours and destination mobile or landline number and SmartVoip connects both the calls.
  • PC-to-Phone – Download the SmartVoip Client and calls any landline or mobile from the convenience of a PC.
  • PC-to-PC – After installing SmartVoip client, you can talk to your friends for free anywhere in the world.
  • Local access numbers – Make good use of your freedays and credits and make cheap regular and mobile phone calls via our access number.
  • Nokia Phone LowCallerLowCaller will keep you connected on the go. Download and install the LowCaller application on your Nokia (and most other Symbian devices) and start saving on your call charges.
  • SMS – various ways to send ultra cheap text messages

Download to PC : Go to and Click ‘Download SmartVoip’ to get the installer for PC running Windows Vista, XP, 2000. They don’t have dialer for UNIX, MAC.

SmartVOIP SIP Settings for Nokia Phones or SIP Adaptors
SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your SmartVoip username
Password : your SmartVoip password
Display name/number : your SmartVoip username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

Contact SmartVoip Customer Care – Tel: +49-221-3549565 ; Fax: +49-221-3549566 or Please use the forms on our contact page – Free 120 mins every month to 54 countries including India Review

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YupeePhone, Michigan USA, is another player in VoIP market with several different  calling plans. YupeePhone has License from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) YupeePhone Logofor resale service. They have PC to Phone calling service, Phone to Phone Calling , Unlimited India calling plans and Pay As You Go plans. All the plans provide the convenience of using PC to Calling or Phone to Phone Calling and configure on any SIP device.

Pay As You GoAll customers in the Pay As You Go plan receive 120 free minutes every month to some destinations including India. The 120 free minutes will be added to your account every month for a total of 4 months. In order to keep the offer active you have to add a minimum of $20 into your account every 4 months. The cost for every phone call is calculated per minute and there are no connecting fees, weekly fees, or maintenance fees. There standard calling rates pretty cheap. They charge 2.6 cents for 20$ recharge. View the Local Access Numbers here.

YupeePhone Call Rates

If you are going to purchase there 20$ service, Here is Coupon Code for 10% off 3255810307, another promotion code 10% off code 8429225329

Unlimited Plans – They have several Unlimited Calling Plans categorized by region. Check this page all Unlimited Plans for your most calling country here. There are different plans for Canada – China – Hong Kong – Austria – Bahamas – Belgium – Bahrain – Bulgaria – Colombia –

India Unlimited Freedom plan is $39.95 and you truly unlimited calls to India and 24 more countries. You can make calls to as many numbers as you like. Landlines and mobiles are included for $39.95/mo.

Yupee Phone is a SIP based service which can be configured on any SIP ATA device ( PAP2 or SPA-3000 or 3102) . You use a Preconfigured Software Client ‘PhonerLite’ . Download it here. I’ll update the SIP Settings soon to configure on any mobile SIP app also. – 60 mins of free calls, no software

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Zako Phone Logo We have seen a lot of web based calling services in the past. Along the same line is Zako Phone powered by German based ZaKoTel Telekommunikations GmbH. ZakoPhone offers high-quality international voice calling without any software setup. You can call regular phones in various popular destinations for a flat rate or call at low rate. All you need is a web browser with Flash Player 10 and headset (speaker and microphone). Zoko Phone will offer User to user calls in February 2009.

To promote their service they are offering 60 minutes (one hour) free calls to most popular destination, Unfortunately India is not included.

How to make free calls.

  • Register here and activate the link in email and login to Zako Phone website.
  • Click on the phone button, a new page will open ( take care of popup blocker)
  • The Phone will appear and you can start to place a call while entering the phone number you wish to dial to the phone.
  • If you dial to a number which is inside the World Package you can call 60 minutes for free, for all other destinations please buy credits, otherwise the call can not be established.
  • Please use always the international Dial form: Country Code + Area Code + Local Number without any 0 or +. For example, if you want to call Italy, then dial 39021XXXXXXX, otherwise you will get call failed error. Once 60 minutes are over, you have to purchase the credit to make the call.

tip: You can go for multiple registrations in order to get more free calls.

Reliance iCall – PC to Phone service ; Get Free Calls Now

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Reliance iCall Logo Reliance Global Call ( Reliance India Call ) has started a new service Reliance iCall which is primarily a PC to Phone, PC calling service. would also offer high quality and fair pricing like the Reliance India call Service.  This is specially useful for people who don’t want to waste their cell phone minutes; cheap calls from India to USA, UK; temporary works abroad who don’t have cell phones.

Reliance iCall is offering Free calls to many destinations till 15th Jan. You can make free calls to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, France, Singapore, Germany , Sweden, African countries and many more. I don’t think Reliance iCall Ratesthis offer will work to call India. I tried Reliance iCall service and it has very good voice quality with support for Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Caller I.D and Call Blocking etc.

After the promotion period, i.e after Jan 15th, Calls to India are 4.49 cents to landline and mobile. Checkout other Reliance iCall calling rates here. – Make Phone Calls from Web Browser , no software download

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C2Call logo C2Call ( Web Browser Phone ) lets you make web-based phone calls straight from your browser. It works like web-based email without any software installation. It’s a Java-based temporary browser applet that is loaded onto your browser when you log-in to or click on a call-invite link. Since C2Call does not require any installation, you can use it wherever you have access to the Internet. It uses SIP and proprietary technology to connect the calls.

You can use the C2Call invite function to send a call invite email to anybody you want to talk to. They just click to call you. C2Call to C2Call connections are always free. Optional you can add credit to your account and call landlines and mobile phones all over the world with the low international rates. Below are rates for calling India 6 cents approx. They do not charge additional "connection fees" or "call set-up fees". Calls are charged per minute and rounded up to next minute.

C2Call International rates

C2Call works with browsers such as Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox or Safari on Windows Vista/XP, MAC OS-X or Linux. C2Call uses the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 or higher. The PC must have an Internet connection and mic/speaker or a headset.
C2Call needs to access your Microphone/Speaker/headset. Please select “trust” or “always trust” for the Java Applet.