– 10 mins free call to India and Bonus

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Idea India Call is a new telecom company based in Canada. This provides one of the cheapest long distance calls to India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong-Kong , Saudi Arabia and rest of the world, from Canada and USA. Below are the promotions they are running right now.

Idea India Call Promotions

Just register at Ideaindiacall (no purchase or credit card verification is necessary), and get up to 10 mins free calls to India, Malaysia, Singapore , Taiwan, Hong-Kong. This offer is only for new members.

With the Double your money offer, you can get 50% more on recharge. Buy 5$ recharge and get $ more as mentioned above. Buy $20 talk time and receive additional $10 talk time free (effective call rate to India – 0.04 cents). This has nice promotion to earn money through referral. Idea India Call Access Numbers from USA and Canada here. – Free unlimited USA calling website

December 22nd, 2008 b0ddu Posted in free calls No Comments » Logo Similar to – FREE PC to USA Phone calls, No Software, Calling America lets you make unlimited free calls to America directly from website. The only difference being Earthcaller only works in IE7 now. It is ad supported free calling website. You are required to watch a 10-15 sec advertisement before your free phone calls to America is placed. allows you to talk upto 15 minutes for each call as a register user and make unlimited calls. That means each call will last for 15 minutes and it would be disconnected. You would be able to dial again the same number. For no-registered users, this limit is 2 minutes. Probably worth signing up with fake information to avoid being spammed. 

For all those living in different parts of worlds (India, Pakistan, Dubai, Japan, Australia etc), who have friends, relatives or clients in America its a free Pc to Phone calling offers for you to connect to your loved ones in America. This site keep consuming the Bandwidth with there Advertisement being refreshed every 5 seconds

It’s very simple to use Calling America to make free international calls to USA. Calling America Dialpad

  • Go to
  • View a short ad before you place the call.
  • Signup, login and enter 10 Digit USA Phone number without country code.
  • It’ll prompt word verification for un registered users.
  • Once connected, you can talk for 15 minutes and can repeat this again. – Free Calls Anywhere Including India; login get sms, no hack

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Jaxtr Logo Jaxtr has just launched a new service called FreeConnect that gives members the ability to talk to each other on their mobile phones, free of charge, for as long as they’d like. FreeConnect has no apparent way of making money. This is to attract new members, who may be enticed by feature rich premium services like forward incoming, premium support, voicemail personalization, call directly.

This Freeconnect service works similar to rebtel. Getting started is the biggest hurdle. For starters, both members have to be members of Jaxtr. To initiate the call,

  • You first need to enter the number you’re looking to reach into Jaxtr website, which will then spit out a local number for you to call using your cell phone.
  • After calling that number, Jaxtr will send a SMS message to the person you’re calling with a number that’s local for them.
  • Once they dial that number, you enter a free mobile call that can go as long as you’d like. The process is tedious, but after creating the initial connection you can use the same local numbers to reach each other in the future.

We’ll have to wait and see how long Jaxtr can keep this without serving ads with each call.  Users can skip this ordeal entirely by placing calls using Jaxtr’s (very cheap) paid service. Jaxtr also slashed its normal calling rates for the holiday season.
India US$ 0.024 / min
USA US$ 0.008 / min
Canada US$ 0.008 / min
China US$ 0.008 / min
UK US$ 0.008 / min

Ciao cellular offers $5 in free calls; up to Two hours to India

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Ciao Cellular Logo is offering 5$ free credit when you signup, that is up to free 300 minutes of talk time. This can be used to make about 100 minutes to landline or 125 minutes to cell phones in India or 50 minutes to Philippines or 63 minutes to Pakistan.

To avail the free offers, just create an account by entering your email address and password here. You will be able to register up to 5 phone numbers which won’t require any pin to enter while calling. Confirm your email and for calling purpose you need to enter your Credit Card information to verify and avoid fake registrations. Your credit card will not be charged for your Free Trial and it uses secure http(s) protocol for registrations.

Just dial one of their access numbers, and then enter your destination number. It has access numbers in about 17 countries. After finishing the free minutes, you have an option to buy some credit and the call rates are very competitive (India at 4cents/minute).

GizmoCall – a Browser based Web Phone; no download no hack

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GizmoCall Logo GizmoCall lets you call any phone anywhere in the world from just a Internet browser. Users don’t need to download or install any thing. Just the normal Adobe Flash client should be enough. Users simply go to the Web site, sign up for a username and password, and start making calls. GizmoCall phones are also embeddable and can find one below.

For free, you can call any other GizmoCall, Gizmo5 users, 800 numbers, or SIP address for no charge and also receive calls as long as GizmoCall is open in any window or browser tab. Register GizmoCall and can also accept inbound calls to the login user name, so long as the app is running in a window or browser tab (foreground or background).To call a traditional phone number and take advantage of some of the low rates on the net you will need to buy $10 of call-out credit here.

Visit the GizmoCall Firefox Add-ons page here, or install our Firefox Plugin right now which will automatically make any phone number on a web page clickable and place a call via GizmoCall.

But what is cool about GizmoCall is that it also allows users to make free calls to toll-free numbers and Session Initiation Protocol addresses ( SIP ). The service works on all browsers running on Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems.

tip: Using a headset will remove the echo. If you don’t have a headset turning down the volume will reduce the echo.