Airtel Call Home offers Cheapest Calls to India at 1c/min

April 8th, 2009 b0ddu Posted in call deals, calling to india, cheap calls No Comments », a reputed name in VoIP industry from India’s No 1 Telecom player, is running a new special offer ‘India One’ where it is advertising calls to India at 1 cent / min. Airtel India One Offer

  • You need to buy the $9.99 pack of India One which has a rental of $ 3.99, for the balance $ 6 you get the rate of 1 cent / min rate on local access. So, effectively it is 600mins for 1000 cents = 1.66cents/min .
  • These minutes have an expiry of 30 days. This is not a bad deal for using longer talk time. Good for the people who talk more than 160 minutes a month.
  • These minutes can be used to call Indian landline and mobile phones as well.
  • Use Local Access Numbers to get 1 cent / min, with the toll free number it is 3 c/min. View the list of all Local Access Numbers here for your area.
  • This offer is valid for new and old customers. You can’t use our existing balance to buy this new offer.

Call Rates from Airtel Calling site. Visit Offer Page
Airtel India One Offer Rates

If you are a new customer:

  • Sign up and join the Airtel CallHome family.
  • Please select the India One product from the drop down and click GO.
  • Please fill the required details and confirm the same.
  • Within seconds you will receive a detailed mail from us with your account ID.
  • For further clarity, please call our 24×7 toll free customer care at 1-877-247-5150

If you are an existing customer:

  • Please login using your 10/11 digit Account ID and website password.
  • Once you are logged in, please go to the Recharge page
  • Select India One from the first drop down and proceed after filling up the details
  • Once your purchase is successful, you will be able to see the details in My Products page.
  • For further clarity, please call our 24×7 toll free customer care at 1-877-247-5150 – Free 120 mins every month to 54 countries including India Review

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YupeePhone, Michigan USA, is another player in VoIP market with several different  calling plans. YupeePhone has License from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) YupeePhone Logofor resale service. They have PC to Phone calling service, Phone to Phone Calling , Unlimited India calling plans and Pay As You Go plans. All the plans provide the convenience of using PC to Calling or Phone to Phone Calling and configure on any SIP device.

Pay As You GoAll customers in the Pay As You Go plan receive 120 free minutes every month to some destinations including India. The 120 free minutes will be added to your account every month for a total of 4 months. In order to keep the offer active you have to add a minimum of $20 into your account every 4 months. The cost for every phone call is calculated per minute and there are no connecting fees, weekly fees, or maintenance fees. There standard calling rates pretty cheap. They charge 2.6 cents for 20$ recharge. View the Local Access Numbers here.

YupeePhone Call Rates

If you are going to purchase there 20$ service, Here is Coupon Code for 10% off 3255810307, another promotion code 10% off code 8429225329

Unlimited Plans – They have several Unlimited Calling Plans categorized by region. Check this page all Unlimited Plans for your most calling country here. There are different plans for Canada – China – Hong Kong – Austria – Bahamas – Belgium – Bahrain – Bulgaria – Colombia –

India Unlimited Freedom plan is $39.95 and you truly unlimited calls to India and 24 more countries. You can make calls to as many numbers as you like. Landlines and mobiles are included for $39.95/mo.

Yupee Phone is a SIP based service which can be configured on any SIP ATA device ( PAP2 or SPA-3000 or 3102) . You use a Preconfigured Software Client ‘PhonerLite’ . Download it here. I’ll update the SIP Settings soon to configure on any mobile SIP app also. – Free 33 mins to India, No Coupon Code Required

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iDPhoneCard is a rechargeable prepaid international calling card accessible from over iDPhoneCard logo 50 countries around the world. iDPhoneCard is giving away 33 free talk time minutes to India as a free trial, No Credit Card or coupon code is required. After this trial period, you can use this service at 6 cents / min. Some feature – One minute rounding, No maintenance charges, No connection fees, No expiry date.

 Steps for free minutes from iDPhoneCard service

idPhoneCard Call Rates

Please let us know the call quality and review the service, which will help other users. – Lowest calls to India at 1.9¢/min ; cheapest rate ever

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We have talked about Mediaring Talk, IndiaLD, ReliableCom which were offering cheap calls to India at 1.9 cents partially. TeleCents Communications, a leading carrier in the logo VoIP market since 1995 in US have started a new service India Minutes which offers lowest calling to India at wholesale rates of 1.9 cents/min to Mobile phones and 2.4 approx to landlines with no fees at all. This is too good to be true, so will have to wait and see how long it’ll last and how legitimate. It is advisable to use a virtual one time credit card from PayPal, Citi bank. The lowest denomination to recharge is 20$ which will gives 1030 minutes of calling to India.

Review of IndiaMinutes features.

  • No fees of any kind like Connection, monthly, maintenance Fees or minimum Usage.
  • Offers PINless dialing, Speed dial, auto recharge, view call records and purchases.
  • Customer Service Department telephone number is at 1-866-999-7733
  • Use there interactive webpage to find out exact calling rate to specific number

Signup Process to get started

  • Just go to Signup page and select recharge amount, password, ping, credit card information and include a registered phone number to get pin less dialing.
  • From the Faq#6, first time buyers should talk to customer care to get the service activated to avoid any fraud.
  • Dial the toll free or local access number provided on your receipt. A voice prompt will read you your available balance and prompt you to enter the number you wish to reach.

Domain Registrant Information for

Below is the contact information on file used for registering Might come in handy and provides proof that its from TeleCents.

IndiaMinutes whois contact – Cheap Calling at 1.9¢ to India, Pakistan, Middle East, Sri Lanka, promo coupon code

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We had a review about – Cheapest Calls to India (1.9 cents/min) in past, ReilableCom Logo Reliablecom is another cheap VoIP provider which offers calling at 1.9 cents / min to India on every Monday and Thursday. Rest of the days, there calling rate is 2.9 cents/ min to India, 5.9 cents to Pakistan, 7.9cents to Middle East and cheap rates to Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Nepal, Philippines, etc.

Reliablecom also offers premium call quality services with higher rates. The premiumReliableCom Offer call rates to India is at 3.3 cents / min and the voice quality is very good compared with the cheap 1.9 cents promotion offer. They have 3-4 minutes call rounding which means if you talk for only one minute then you will pay for three minutes and have to pay 20% service fee per call. 1.9 cents and 3.3 cents products are only recommended if you compromise for call quality.

There is another premium service at 5.9 cents / min to India, 9.9 cents to Pakistan which has 1 minute rounding and no connection fees with very high call quality.

ReliableCom offers customer care service only via web chat from the website. There is no phone customer number. Try to use these promotional coupon code for 25% discount – ‘kkdak’ or ‘des34’. These coupons worked only for few people, try our luck. Visit ReliableCom website and signup.